Taking Care of an Autistic Child

Max Edelsack is a licensed bartender. He was a radio sports VJ while in college and worked as a merchandise manager for a rock band, Stickup Kid, during their 2014 national tour. Max Edelsack is also involved with an autism awareness organization.

There are many challenges that autistic children face due to their unique circumstances. Here are ways that parents and caregivers can help them overcome the challenges of living on the autism continuum.

Learn everything you can about autism. The knowledge will help you be more effective in helping your child. It will also help you understand his or her nonverbal cues and act accordingly.

Apply what the child has learned in therapy or at school to the home setting. This consistency will help reinforce the lesson. Create a clear schedule for the child’s daily activities. Autistic children react well to structure.

Praise the child for any positive behavior, as it helps to reinforce it and makes them feel good. Have a safe place at home where the child can relax and play securely.

When the child acts up, be patient, and work to understand the reasons behind the behavior. You might have failed to pick up his or her non-verbal cues.

Observe how the child reacts to different sensory stimuli. Some of these stimuli could elicit unfavorable behaviors and should be watched out for.

Ensure the child’s therapy regime and learning are tailored to his or her strengths. Get the support of other parents and autism groups. Also, get respite care so that you rest intermittently if the caring begins to be too much to handle.

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Kurt Cobain’s “MTV Unplugged Sweater” Auctioned

  A graduate of Marist College who earned his degree in sports communication and psychology, Max Edelsack has a passion for rock music and was merchandise manager with Stickup Kid in 2014. One of the bands that has influenced Max Edelsack the most is Nirvana, and the band’s frontman, the late Kurt Cobain, continues to make headlines 25 years after his death.

As reported in Rolling Stone, Julien’s Auctions recently announced Cobain‘s iconic green cardigan, which he wore for his seminal Unplugged performance, will go on the auction block for the second time in four years. Never washed, the sweater combines acrylic, Lycra, and mohair, is missing a button, and has several cigarette burns.

The sweater was given to Frances Bean Cobain’s nanny Farry by Courtney Love after Cobain’s April 1994 death, less than six months after he performed in it for MTV in New York. With the sweater starting at $200,000, it is considerably more valuable than the sweater Cobain wore at his final Nirvana photo shoot, which went for $75,000. That sweater sold for double its original estimate, which points to a resurgent market for memorabilia associated with the still-relevant progenitor of grunge.

The Varied Discipline of Voice Acting and Voice-Overs

Max Edelsack is a music and sports enthusiast who graduated from Marist College and completed a degree in psychology and sports communication. During his undergraduate years, Edelsack did sports play-by-play announcing on his college’s FM radio station, and he has a longstanding interest in voice acting.

The latter discipline encompasses a wide range of voice-over work in mediums that include video games, anime, commercials, television shows, and movies. One of the most common uses is during introductions of live broadcasts such as talk shows and award ceremonies, as well as sporting events where competitors are announced.

Voice-overs may be found in nearly any type of film, including classics such as Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. Voice acting is most prevalent in documentaries, which can range from nature programs to biographies of prominent historical figures.

Voice-over artists are also utilized within a wide range of digital communications systems, from direct telephone prompts to GPS systems that provide driver directions.The key, then, for the successful voice-over artist is versatility, as she or he must be able to authoritatively embody the production without actually appearing on the screen.

When to Visit San Francisco

San Francisco pic
San Francisco
Image: travel.usnews.com

Max Edelsack, a graduate of Marist College, holds a bachelor’s degree in sports communication and psychology. While in school, he had the opportunity to serve as a merchandise manager for a rock band’s national summer tour. Through this, Max Edelsack visited 30 different cities in the United States, including San Francisco.

San Francisco’s peak tourist time is during summer thanks to its cooler weather and numerous festivals. Between the month of June and August, the city experiences average temperatures in the high 60s and many visitors must wear pants and sweaters to stay comfortable when they are out and about. Due to the high number of crowds, hotels in the city are at their most expensive during this time.

From December to February, average temperatures drop to the high 50s and the city experiences almost five inches of average rainfall per month. Fog in the city is nearly constant during winter and visitors must brave San Francisco’s frequent cold gusts. This weather does keep most tourists away from the city, leading to a drop in hotel prices.

Springtime grants visitors a break from the cold and from the major tourist influx of summer. Temperatures average in the mid-60s between March and May and the city hosts a few festivals, including the San Francisco International Film Festival and St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival, to keep tourists entertained. Most individuals regard spring as the second best time to visit San Francisco.

The best time to visit the city is in autumn when temperatures range from 63 to 73 degrees and the skies stay clear. As the warmest months of the year, September, October, and November are perfect for enjoying the beach and avoiding both rain and crowds. However, visitors may still need a few layers of clothes to protect against occasional bay-side breezes.

Correct Posture for Tennis

Posture for Tennis pic
Posture for Tennis
Image: feeltennis.net

Max Edelsack studied sports communication at Marist College, where he also served as an announcer for college athletic competitions. In his free time, Max Edelsack enjoys playing tennis.

Tennis players often think about moving technique elements such as swing and serve positions, but good posture is just as important. A tennis player must be well-balanced and prepared to move whenever he or she is still, and the ability to do so depends on a strong and dynamic stance.

Good posture for the tennis player starts with a gentle bend of the knee. The angle of bend should be above 90 degrees, so that the body remains mobile. Meanwhile, the spine needs to remain straight all the way through the neck, so that the player can move in any direction as action demands.

This upright posture contrasts with the typical ready stance of many players, who tend to bend over when not chasing the ball. Such a stance is not only hard on the back, but also causes an automatic loss of balance when the player starts to move. Recovering this balance takes up crucial time.

Proper balance also requires that the weight remain slightly forward, like that of a runner, and not back on the heels. This prepares the body for forward momentum and helps to avoid swaying when the player shifts forward to move through space. For similar reasons, the player should be sure that the feet remain mostly under his or her center of gravity, lest the stance become too wide and impede quick acceleration to another part of the court.

Raising Awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders pic
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Image: webmd.com

Experienced in sales and management, Max Edelsack often devotes his free time to serving the community and helping those in need. In participating with his local autism awareness organization, Max Edelsack works alongside other volunteers to dispel negative stereotypes about the condition, which affect 1 in 68 children in the United States.

Autism awareness organizations, such as Autism Speaks, supports people on the autism spectrum through fundraising efforts and advocacy. The passage of the Autism CARES Act has generated over $1.7 billion in the past decade, and health care reform and expansion continues to be the main focus for the foundation. Currently, over 300,000 adults with autism are on waiting lists to receive housing and employment support.

Through the sales of merchandise and donations, as well as fundraising walks and giving programs, Autism Speaks continues to grow and thrive. The Autism Speaks Walk is the largest autism fundraising event worldwide, raising a minimum of $150 per person toward advancing research.

The Importance of Spreading Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness pic
Autism Awareness
Image: autismspeaks.org

A graduate of Marist College, Max Edelsack has amassed experience in sales, management, and sports broadcasting, and he also holds a national license for bartending. Active in the community, Max Edelsack participates in a number of ways with his local Autism awareness organization.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one of every 68 children born in the United States receives a disorder diagnosis on the autism spectrum. This prevalence might suggest that most people are familiar with autism, but still many have yet to develop an understanding of the condition. Autism awareness programs aim to address this issue.

While various organizations take different approaches, they remain united in their goal: to create familiarity with autism, to dispel the associated stigmas and stereotypes, and to encourage the public to more openly embrace and accommodate individuals with autism. Research has shown that the autism spectrum features a wide variety of characteristics, and spreading awareness about these variations can help eliminate negative and even harmful generalizations about the condition and the people who have it.

Challenging Misleading Autism Stereotypes

Autism Stereotypes pic
Autism Stereotypes
Image: autismspeaks.org

After receiving his training at National Bartenders School in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Max Edelsack is a nationally licensed bartender who is seeking a position in the service industry. In his free time, Max Edelsack volunteers for a local organization that advocates for autism awareness.

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by deficits in social communication and pervasive repetitive behavior. Due to the nature of the condition, public awareness of autism has been difficult to find.

Until recently, autism has been met with judgmental attitudes and confusion. Despite the huge range of behavioral manifestations along the autism spectrum, the uneducated public has often resorted to stereotypes, some of which are very misleading.

The stigma has greatly limited the employment opportunities of adults with autism; only 15 percent are employed. Carol Povey, director of the National Autistic Society’s Centre for Autism, believes that the most important step in changing this situation is to challenge the prevailing stereotypes. Although such a large-scale goal is a huge challenge, the goal is attainable by adopting a holistic approach at the national level while empowering people at the grassroots level to initiate change within their communities.

The Story of Nirvana’s Unexpected Hit

Smells Like Teen Spirit pic
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Image: nirvana.com

Max Edelsack received his bachelor’s degree in sports communication from Marist College in 2016. A music lover, Max Edelsack’s favorite band is Nirvana.

Formed in 1987 in Aberdeen, Washington, Nirvana has turned out to be one of second-generation punk’s most successful acts. After the release of their sophomore album, 1991’s Nevermind, Nirvana changed alternative rock, bringing the genre into the mainstream.

The band’s iconic song is Smells Like Teen Spirit, the lead single from Nevermind. At the time, the song was considered an unlikely hit.

The dominating artists on the 1991 pop charts were singers like Paula Abdul and Mariah Carey. Compared to the current hits, Smells Like Teen Spirit was considered loud and unintelligible, yet the song reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

NPR columnist Guy Raz believes that Smells Like Teen Spirit became a hit because it appealed to the so-called “slacker generation.” While the song was expected to resonate with angst-ridden teenagers, it became a crossover anthem that was popular with the mainstream audience.

New Jersey’s National Bartenders School Educates Aspiring Bartenders

National Bartenders School pic
National Bartenders School
Image: nationalbartendersschoolnj.com

Max Edelsack is a licensed bartender based in Westfield, New Jersey. Max Edelsack obtained his bartending license from the National Bartenders School in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Established in 1984, Woodridge, New Jersey’s National Bartenders School is an independent, owner-operated bartending school licensed by the New Jersey Department of Education. To obtain a bartending license, students must attend 10 days’ worth of morning, afternoon, or evening lessons; each daily lesson is 4-hours long to make up the required 40 hours needed to complete the course. Lessons consist of both lectures and practical experience behind a full-service bar. Enrollment in the course includes a textbook that contains: over 200 drink recipes, liquor inventory standards, information on setting up and breaking down the mixing station, and Responsible Alcohol Awareness Protocol.

Upon completion of the 40-hour bartending course, the National Bartenders School offers students lifetime job placement assistance through access to the school’s private employment webpage. Former students are also permitted to return to the school, free of charge, to refresh their bartending skills.