New Jersey’s National Bartenders School Educates Aspiring Bartenders

National Bartenders School pic
National Bartenders School

Max Edelsack is a licensed bartender based in Westfield, New Jersey. Max Edelsack obtained his bartending license from the National Bartenders School in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Established in 1984, Woodridge, New Jersey’s National Bartenders School is an independent, owner-operated bartending school licensed by the New Jersey Department of Education. To obtain a bartending license, students must attend 10 days’ worth of morning, afternoon, or evening lessons; each daily lesson is 4-hours long to make up the required 40 hours needed to complete the course. Lessons consist of both lectures and practical experience behind a full-service bar. Enrollment in the course includes a textbook that contains: over 200 drink recipes, liquor inventory standards, information on setting up and breaking down the mixing station, and Responsible Alcohol Awareness Protocol.

Upon completion of the 40-hour bartending course, the National Bartenders School offers students lifetime job placement assistance through access to the school’s private employment webpage. Former students are also permitted to return to the school, free of charge, to refresh their bartending skills.

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