The Varied Discipline of Voice Acting and Voice-Overs

Max Edelsack is a music and sports enthusiast who graduated from Marist College and completed a degree in psychology and sports communication. During his undergraduate years, Edelsack did sports play-by-play announcing on his college’s FM radio station, and he has a longstanding interest in voice acting.

The latter discipline encompasses a wide range of voice-over work in mediums that include video games, anime, commercials, television shows, and movies. One of the most common uses is during introductions of live broadcasts such as talk shows and award ceremonies, as well as sporting events where competitors are announced.

Voice-overs may be found in nearly any type of film, including classics such as Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. Voice acting is most prevalent in documentaries, which can range from nature programs to biographies of prominent historical figures.

Voice-over artists are also utilized within a wide range of digital communications systems, from direct telephone prompts to GPS systems that provide driver directions.The key, then, for the successful voice-over artist is versatility, as she or he must be able to authoritatively embody the production without actually appearing on the screen.