Kurt Cobain’s “MTV Unplugged Sweater” Auctioned

  A graduate of Marist College who earned his degree in sports communication and psychology, Max Edelsack has a passion for rock music and was merchandise manager with Stickup Kid in 2014. One of the bands that has influenced Max Edelsack the most is Nirvana, and the band’s frontman, the late Kurt Cobain, continues to make headlines 25 years after his death.

As reported in Rolling Stone, Julien’s Auctions recently announced Cobain‘s iconic green cardigan, which he wore for his seminal Unplugged performance, will go on the auction block for the second time in four years. Never washed, the sweater combines acrylic, Lycra, and mohair, is missing a button, and has several cigarette burns.

The sweater was given to Frances Bean Cobain’s nanny Farry by Courtney Love after Cobain’s April 1994 death, less than six months after he performed in it for MTV in New York. With the sweater starting at $200,000, it is considerably more valuable than the sweater Cobain wore at his final Nirvana photo shoot, which went for $75,000. That sweater sold for double its original estimate, which points to a resurgent market for memorabilia associated with the still-relevant progenitor of grunge.